Will they have food for the next Christmas dinner?

One thing Trump has never been accused of is looking at the big picture. Thus with a nod of his head and letting go of a string of obscenities, he has done everything he can to reverse the Affordable Care Act of Obamacare. Aside from the millions who will not be able to afford health insurance, up to three million jobs in the health care sector will go away. Nurses, doctors, technicians , dieticians, emergency medical personnel, home health aides, magnetic resonance imaging technologists, medical equipment preparers, nursing assistants, occupational therapists, orderly, pharmacy technicians, phlebotomist, physical therapists, respiratory therapists, speech pathologists, surgical technologists – all of whom use their paychecks in their local economies – for food, clothing, transit. The ripple effect will deepen the economic misery.

The Milken Institute of Public Health projects this will take $1.5 trillion dollars out to the economy. This projection does not take into account the effect of a trade war with China and the bear market, which the economy entered into this month.  

What you can do is let your elected represented know you will hold them accountable for what they do. When a demonstration is called in your community, peaceably participate. Health matters and the ability to eat does, too.  We must remember there is a better way to govern a nation.

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