How Trump Wrecked the GOP: The Crime of the Century

How Trump Wrecked the GOP: The Crime of the Century

Donald Trump may have left the White House but he has not left the Republican Party alone. His relentless fundraising efforts have siphoned off millions of dollars that would have otherwise gone to the GOP, leaving many state parties in dire straits. The consequences are clear:

  • In Arizona, the state GOP barely has enough money to keep the lights on, with less than $170,000 in its accounts1.
  • In Colorado, the state GOP faces eviction from its headquarters this month after failing to pay rent12.
  • In Michigan, the state GOP is mired in debt and internal conflict between its new leader and its top candidate for attorney general1.
  • In Minnesota, the state GOP was recently down to a measly $53.81 in its bank account while owing more than $335,000 to creditors2.
  • In Oklahoma, the state GOP struggled to pay its vendors and staff and had to rely on a loan from a wealthy donor3.
  • In Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Georgia, the state GOPs have alienated donors and supporters by embracing Trump’s baseless election fraud claims and have seen their fundraising plummet compared to previous cycles4.

Meanwhile, Trump is sitting on a massive war chest of $102 million in his “Save America” PAC, more than the Republican National Committee and the Democratic National Committee combined. He has used his influence to undermine the party establishment, promote loyalists, and attack critics. He has shown no signs of letting go of his grip on the GOP or sharing his wealth with the party that made him president.

Trump has committed the crime of the 21st Century,  sabotaging the Republican Party from within and endangering the future of American democracy.

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