Is It Time For Joe To Drop out of the race for the 2024 election?

I like and admire Joe Biden and believe he had been a first-rate President, but he may have lost the election the day the Special Counsel released his report. The report from Special Counsel Robert Hur characterized Biden as a “well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory”

First, Biden is the oldest president in American history. He took office at 78, the same age Reagan was when he left the White House. If Biden serves a second term, he’ll be 86 at the end of a second term if he lives this long. Americans are skeptical of Vice-President Harris succeeding Biden. She didn’t fare well in her campaign for President, and she has not proved popular as Vice President. While she may not be politically strong enough to head the ticket, she could be retained as vice-president, should Biden step aside.

Biden’s popularity has been on a slide since January 2021, when 56 percent of Americans thought Biden, whom they remembered for his close relationship with Barack Obama, was doing a good job.

A clear majority of Americans harbor serious worries about it; in polls conducted by The New York Times and Siena College Research Institute, more than 70 percent of battleground state voters agreed that Biden is “just too old to be an effective president.” Over 60 percent said they didn’t think Biden had “the mental sharpness to be an effective president.” And fair or not, fewer than half of voters express similar doubts about Donald Trump’s age or mental acuity.

Of all the reasons Biden has narrowly trailed Trump in the polls for five straight months, this is arguably the most straightforward explanation. Even most of Biden’s supporters say he’s too old to be an effective president. His political problems might just be that simple

Now, pre-existing doubts and concerns about Biden’t memory and mental acuity are being reinforced daily by the news media and Republicans who are taking advantage of a wide opening to elect Trump.

I can imagine the video commercials the Trump campaigns will unleash, probably in time for the Super Bowl. Joe Biden is a true patriot and perhaps the most patriotic act he can take is to step aside.

Memory, regardless of age, is susceptible to errors and can be reshaped over time. The human brain processes immense amounts of information, leading to limitations in storage capacity. Interestingly, forgetting is a natural and necessary function of memory.

Recent incidents involving memory lapses by President Biden and Donald Trump have sparked a national dialogue on the implications of memory errors for aging and cognitive health. For instance, Matt Griffin, employed in communications, vividly recalls the night his father passed away but struggles to pinpoint the exact date.

Experts acknowledge that occasional forgetfulness is commonplace across all age groups. However, significant memory impairments can hinder daily activities like driving or using a phone. It is crucial to distinguish between mild forgetfulness and more serious cognitive issues such as mild cognitive impairment or dementia. As individuals age, their memory capabilities evolve, and understanding these changes can aid in managing memory lapses effectively.

Donald J. Trump has commended Hungary’s Prime Minister, Viktor Orban, for his leadership in Turkey, and has confused figures like Nikki Haley and Nancy Pelosi. Similarly, President Biden has mistakenly referred to deceased former European leaders while discussing contemporary peers and has even mentioned Egypt as Mexico.

Despite both Trump and Biden being over 75 years old, concerns about their age affecting their ability to serve differ significantly among voters. According to a New York Times/Siena College poll conducted in six battleground states, a substantial majority of voters expressed serious reservations about Mr. Biden’s age, with 70 percent believing he is too old for the presidency. In contrast, fewer than half of the voters expressed similar concerns about Mr. Trump.

There were differences in the handling of classified documents,byg President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump demonstrate both similarities and distinctions. Let’s delve into these aspects:

1. Classified Documents:
– Both Biden and Trump faced investigations for retaining classified documents.
– While the specifics of these documents varied, they encompassed sensitive information about national security and foreign policy.

1. Investigation Outcomes:
– Biden: Special counsel Robert Hur, appointed by Trump, concluded that Biden should not be criminally charged despite evidence suggesting he “willfully” retained classified information.
– Trump: Scheduled to stand trial for charges alleging he stored classified documents at his Florida estate and obstructed government attempts to recover them.
2. Document Locations:
– Biden: Classified documents were discovered in a damaged cardboard box in his cluttered Delaware garage. Additionally, notebooks containing classified information were found in his office and basement den.
– Trump: Boxes filled with classified records were found beneath a chandelier in a lavishly decorated Mar-a-Lago bathroom.
3. Response and Criticism:
– Biden: Expressed frustration with Hur’s findings, particularly regarding portrayals of his memory, and maintained that he never disclosed classified information.
– Trump: Criticized the decision not to prosecute Biden, highlighting what he perceives as a “two-tiered system of justice.”

Raw Deal

Why are the major media outlets giving more coverage to Biden’s age than Trump’s? Between April 25, 2023, and September 20, 2023 as tabulated by Media Matters:

  • The New York Times disproportionately published 98 stories scrutinizing Biden’s age while only dedicating a mere 48 to Trump’s age. 
  • The Washington Post disproportionately published 82 stories scrutinizing Biden’s age while only dedicating a mere 39 to Trump’s age.
  • The Wall Street Journal disproportionately published 78 stories scrutinizing Biden’s age while only dedicating a mere 36 to Trump’s age.
  • The Los Angeles Times disproportionately published 53 stories scrutinizing Biden’s age while only dedicating a mere 27 to Trump’s age. 
  • USA Today disproportionately published 21 stories scrutinizing Biden’s age while only dedicating a mere 10 to Trump’s age.

Since the Special Counsel’s report, the unbalanced coverage has only worsened and resulted in a poll like this one:  In a recent ABC News/Ipsos poll, 59% of respondents said both Biden and Trump, 77, are too old to serve again. Another 27% said only Biden is too old. 3% said only Trump is too old.

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