The Time is Now to Save Democracy

Re-electing President Biden is as consequential as the outcome of the Civil War in determining America’s future.

I offer a retail political strategy for winning the swing states:

  1. Using voter registration records in the swing states, identify the marginal Democrats, independents, and moderate Republicans in each swing state.
  2. Next, find their relatives who are either Democratic donors or members of activist organizations with a likely interest in preserving democracy, using public record search engines and social media, whether in the same town, city, or anywhere in the United States.
  3. Enlist the favorable relatives to contact the swing voters. Supply them with messaging and suggestions for persuading swing voters, which can be mailed or placed on a website. Content is apt to contrast the candidates who deal with reproductive rights, gun violence, economic fairness, and the democratic process.

Here are the swing states and where voter registration records can be found in each state:

Funding for a project of this magnitude can come from the DNC, PACs like Crooked Media, and Vote Save America.

Democracy is about the conditions that allow ordinary people to better their lives by becoming political beings and making power responsive to their hopes and needs.

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