Using AI to Help Win in 2024

The use of artificial intelligence in this election cycle is inevitable, doing everything from chatbots to engage the public for chatting,  automated fundraising emails and robocalls that sound like the candidates.

There need to be guardrails to make sure AI is used responsibly. A group called Zink Labs has developed a list of dos and don’ts of employing AI for elections. These include:

While AI tools, such as generative AI, can enhance voter communication services, they should complement human efforts, not replace them entirely.

Campaigns must ensure that AI-generated content is checked by humans before being used. Relying solely on AI will lead to errors.

Campaigns must be honest about their use of AI, refraining from misrepresentation. Campaigns need to label AI-generated content and avoid fabricating anecdotes or mimicking opponents through AI-powered media.

Campaigns should not dismissively blame AI for every error; doing so will erode public trust in a technology that should help people.

Campaigns need a playbook for dealing with opponents’ use of fake AI. This requires thoughtful preparation Rushing to publicly address deepfakes without a well-thought-out strategy may exacerbate the situation..

AI can streamline internal campaign processes, such as crafting personalized messages, summarizing data, and generating content drafts. By leveraging AI for mundane tasks, campaigns can enhance efficiency without replacing human functions entirely.


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