The oddsmakers are betting on the Presidential Debates

The oddsmakers are predicting that Trump will outperform Biden in the upcoming debate, partly due to Trump’s advantage from having his microphone muted during his opponent’s speaking time, which restrains his tendency for disruptive outbursts. However, there are concerns about Trump’s mental deterioration since 2020 potentially becoming evident, with some speculating he might even storm off the stage to discredit the debate process.

The questions that might challenge candidates during the debate include topics such as acknowledging mistakes during presidency, handling immigration costs, responding to Capitol Police experiences from January 6, 2021, managing future pandemics, aiding first-time home buyers, geopolitical knowledge, and historical understanding like the Marshall Plan.

Other bets being placed include scenarios like either candidate experiencing a “five-second brain freeze,” Biden falling asleep, either candidate walking off stage, and Trump saying “Bing Bong,” each with their own betting odds. These predictions and bets highlight the anticipation and uncertainty surrounding the upcoming debate.

One thought on “The oddsmakers are betting on the Presidential Debates”

  1. If the proposition that Biden is likely to win is viable, I would invoke Shakespeare’s prayer: “Tis a consummation devoutly to be wished!”

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