Apply for Work on Gig Work Sites – Watch Out

You can bid for work on gig sites, such as Fiverr,, Upwork.Com, Freelancer, Crowdspring, and Project4hire. Be aware, bidding is competitive, you need to price your bids to win against competitors bidding on the same projects.  People who turned to these sites to find freelance gigs say they have lost thousands of dollars to scams. The way it works is: You apply for a job, are invited to a Skype or Zoom interview for a job at a company with a legitimate-sounding name. You are then sent an invoice for office supplies to use on your new job. You are asked to send the money via money transfer sites like Zella or Venmo.  Then you will discover your account is overdrawn by thousands of dollars. Since the pandemic began, complaints to AARP’s fraud tip line have been receiving over 100 more calls a day than they did in the months before the country went into lockdown.