More thoughts on What It Takes to Beat the Pundits and Keep Control of This Congress

At our core, this nation is a tolerant and forgiving people. Take into account how far America has come in recognizing people based on their value whether it is in music, motion pictures, sports, television personalities, doctor, and occupation after occupation. People are elected based on factors other than race, ethnic origin, or gender preference.

Americans, on the whole, agree with Supreme Court decisions that represent changing values in the nation.


Kevin McCarthy, the blowhard who represents my Congressional district has warned that if the Republicans get a majority in the next Congress “some liberal lawmakers will need the approval of a majority to keep those positions in the future.”

What Democrats need to do is deliver on the historic opportunity to renew our American infrastructure. Adds 2 million jobs per year over the next decade, the majority of the jobs created don’t require a college degree. The cornucopia of good things to come from passing this legislation includes the health and safety of communities, tackling the climate crisis, and creating opportunity by:

Putting pipefitters and plumbers to work replacing lead water pipes so every child and American can drink clean water. includes $55 billion to replace lead water pipes, marking the largest investment in clean drinking water in our nation’s history.

  • Safer roads and highways
  • More accessible public transit
  • Modernizing our transit systems, transforming rail, roads, bridges, public transit, and modernizing our ports and airports and freight rail.
  • Roads, bridges, and transit: includes $110 billion to revitalize America’s roads, bridges, and highways.$110 billion to rebuild 173,000 miles of roads and 45,000 bridges.
  • Manufacturing solar panels, wind farms, batteries, and electric vehicles to grow clean energy supply chains we can export to the world.
  • Electrifying transportation by building out the first-ever national network of charging stations so families can travel coast-to-coast in electric vehicles.
  • Making high-speed internet affordable and available for every household in America. Stronger access to high-quality, high-speed internet. $65 billion to expand broadband internet access, particularly in rural areas.
  • Constructing, operating, and managing indoor hydroponic farms, helping to feed America, being able to grow food closer to population centers.
  •  Replacing synthetic nitrogen that farmers have been using with microbial technology that supplies the daily nitrogen plants need.
  • $50 billion to make our communities more resilient to the impacts of climate change and cyber-attacks.
  • Lowering drug pricea. s A Kaiser Family Foundation poll found that 83 percent of the public supports allowing the government to lower drug prices.

 America’s major health problems are the pandemic and its mutants that are overcrowding hospitals and many states and causing other health care, including heart disease and surgery to be postponed. ICU beds are in short supply. Rural health care is suffering from the closing of at least 176 rural hospitals have closed since 2005 because it is not profitable for hospitals to operate in low-population areas.

Democrats need to do a better of messaging in order to tell the American public how it will benefit from the infrastructure bills and pave the way for a new American century