“No Rules for Me” – “My rules for you”

Some things we are learning from thus far in the 2024 campaign:

Trump and his acolytes have a “No Rules for Me” – “My rules for you stance” in life.

Trump can commit crimes, be convicted, and still decry his innocence. He can tell lies, and his acolytes – whom I call “Magites”- emulate him in being willing to commit crimes on his behalf.

Trump is willing to reverse his positions on issues, such as readily

A ban on TikTok:

    • In 2020, Trump signed an executive order that would have banned TikTok unless it severed ties with its Chinese owner. However, the court struck down the order.
      Recently, as Congress considered a similar bill, Trump reversed himself and opposed a TikTok ban. This change came after he met with a billionaire Republican mega-donor linked to the company
    • Healthcare: Initially supported repealing and replacing Obamacare but later supported preserving some aspects of it after facing challenges in Congress.
    • Syria: Initially opposed involvement but later authorized military strikes against the Syrian government.
    • NATO: Initially criticized NATO as obsolete but later expressed support for it.
    • China: Initially, China praised China’s handling of trade with North Korea but later imposed tariffs and labeled China a currency manipulator.
    • Gun Control: Initially supported stricter background checks but later aligned with more conservative positions.
      Climate Change: Initially called climate change a hoax, it was later acknowledged as an issue while pulling out of the Paris Agreement.

Trump is an abuser of the legal system, filing frivolous appeals filing equally frivolous cases against his enemies. He creates and maligns people who stand in his way, like Dr. Anthony Fauci.