Health Effects of Social Media

Do we need to rethink the role of social media in ourlives? 40% of the world’s population – about three billion people – engage in social media, spending an average of two hours every day posting, sharing, liking, tweeting and updating, with social media playing such a big part in our lives, could we be harming our mental health as well as our time?

Difficulties in Getting Prescription Drugs Filled in the United States

This presentation deals with difficulties and costs of obtaining the drugs one needs in the United States.  Nearly 1 in 10 American adults go without prescribed medications because they can’t afford them (U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Center for Health Statistics)Orphans drugs. Prescription drugs account for one out of every 10 dollars spent on health care in the U.S and is climbing. People need to be assured they Can afford and have access to the medicines they need.

9 out of 10 Questions Don’t Need an Answer

Do You Sense That Some Questions Are Not Really Asking a Question?  Instead, you sense that the question is  piggy-backing  another meaning other than that indicated by the words. What the question-asker is  seeking is recognition, stimulation, excitement, or demonstrating that they’re “one-up” on the person called upon to answer.

Hurtful Gaps in American Health Care

  • 60% of Americans Have One and 40% Have Multiple Chronic Conditions
  • Around 100 million of them have more than one.
  • Nearly 30 million are living, day in and day out, with five chronic conditions or more.
  • People’s ailments are a drag on the economy both in the impact they have on worker performance and health costs, particularly if untreated early

They’re Killing Us Off

They’re Killing Us Off – the sum total of the actions of the Trump Administration are devastating the lives of tens of millions of Americans. Many are losing health care, others deported, others thrown into poverty, middle class people are being economically harmed, financial inequality is rising while the economy looks shakier as the federal debt reaches new highs, environmental and climate damage gets scarier, the impact of these forces on health, the use of drugs and addiction, the effects of heat and cold the plight of many senior Americans, the less America as a land of opportunity becomes more distant, resulting from people in power just people don’t care. What needs to be done to restore the middle class, and what you can do.


How to Talk to Voters

How to persuade voters in a changing economy.

How to persuade voters in a changing economy. How different generations differ from one each other and how to pitch your campaign so voters of all ages will hear and understand your message. This video is dedicated to people who want to restore the American Dream through the political process

What Effect Does Health Care Have on Our Economy?

This is how health affects every family and individual in the United States.

This is how health affects every family and individual in the United States. It shows how health care compares with other industries as opportunities to earn a living. See how health costs can be saved.

People Want Health Care Changed for the Better

It’s All about a Good Life.

It’s All about a Good Life.

Answers questions about healthcare:

  • What’s Standing in the Way of reforming healthcare?
  • What’s the argument those opposed to Medicare for All?
  • Where will the funding come from?
  • Is now the time for Medicare for All?